Need a little nature, but camping isn’t your style? The Tree House in Rabun Gap, GA might be your answer. It’s one of three structures in the Mountain House compound designed by Mack Scogin Merrill Elam Architects.

The AirBnB listing goes for $250 per night and accommodates two in serious luxury. The bedroom is a cantilevered glass box that puts you in the trees without having you sleep in a tent.

Sometimes you feel like a camping expedition. And sometimes you feel like being in a five-star house designed to act as your luxurious treehouse. Both work for me.

The Tree House is located on a 21 acres complete with nature paths, two ponds and three creeks. If you choose, you can tour the owner’s main house, dubbed the Mountain House. You do have the option for complete privacy, or the owners are happy to serve up recommendations for the area.

Guests have a kitchenette if they choose to stay in, or you can opt for the restaurants the hosts recommend.

Rabun Gap, GA

Rabun Gap sits about as close to the North Carolina border as you can get without actually being in North Carolina. Those familiar with Atlanta will notice the stark contrast Rabun offers.

A two-hour drive will have you from the center of a major metropolitan area to absolute nature. The entire area is part of the Chattahoochee National Forest, and if you want hiking and picturesque scenery, you got it.

Always been curious about the Appalachian Trail? The trail ends or starts depending on what direction a hiker starts. Those coming out of Maine will end near Rabun and have a chance to hang their boots at the general store to commemorate one hell of a hike.


The farm-to-table movement in Georgia finds its heart here offering plenty of dining options. Wine fan? The Tiger Mountain Vineyards calls the area home, along with numerous other wineries.


Not sure why you would go to nature for shopping, but the options are there. The Hambidge Gallery is just a few minutes away from the listing.

[divider]Motorcycle Heaven[/divider]

Been dying to hit the windy roads. The area offers it in spades. When I was in the area a few months back, it was motorcycle after motorcycle. Now, if you’re not a rider, it’s something to be aware of on the blind curves.

The Tree House is Rabun Gap is all about offering nature right outside while keeping you in comfort. If you lack the equipment or just need a break from gathering it all together, the AirBnb rental is the perfect getaway for two.

Besides, who doesn’t want to say they stayed in a treehouse for a few nights? Can’t say no to your inner kid forever.

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