Breaking news folks. Comedians oftentimes tell offensive jokes. I know. Mind blown. Trevor Noah, Comedy Central’s pick to replace Jon Stewart on The Daily Show, is having his digital past combed through. And, of course, the digital Pinkerton’s are on it.

At issue are some pretty bad jokes directed at Jews and women. Are they offensive? Well, that depends on how high your level of political correctness is. Seeing as the mob freaks out about everything today, everyone is chiming in.

The 31-year old comic, from South Africa, isn’t well known in the United States, and had just started his run as a correspondent on The Daily Show. He tours heavily internationally, fluent in multiple languages.

He’s mixed race, born to a half-Jewish Xhosa mother and a Swiss father. Most of his act focuses on issues of race, mainly over his upbringing in South Africa. Of course, that didn’t stop the digital detectives from going way back in the Twitter timeline to 2009.

I’m not sure which is more disturbing. The joke in 2009, or the fact I’m getting old.

Look, are the jokes off-color? Of course. They aren’t even funny. But this outrage just proves to me that we couldn’t have anything resembling the Chappelle Show today.

Some are calling for the Daily Show to get a new host. Good luck finding a comedian without a checkered joke history. I’d say hire Brian Williams, but he told me he already held the job once.

He’s a comedian. He will say things that will upset you. Hell, Colbert went out of his way to insult people. I remember when he made fun of Rosa Parks in his first year. When she died.

Which is more offensive?

None of what he tweeted should keep him from the hosting the show. Give the man his shot. Comedians say unfunny things all the time. That’s part of it. Some jokes just bomb and piss people off.


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