Treyarch Drops a Few Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Map Teases (UPDATES)

We are just over a week away from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and Treyarch is teasing us with tiny glimpses of Black Ops 4 maps. While Blackout is getting all the hype (deserved too), I can’t wait to jump back into the regular multiplayer. I’ve been on a Battle Royale kick since H1Z1’s heyday. It’ll be nice to jump back into a more structured multiplayer from time to time.

UPDATE: Black Ops 4 will launch with 14 maps on Day 1. Nuketown in November will bring it to 15. Ten maps will be new, while four (five including Nuketown) will be remastered classics from the Black Ops franchise. Treyarch gave us a short look at Miltia.

And Slums.

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Yesterday, Treyarch showed off two maps. One new, and one remastered. First, the new one. This is Icebreaker.

A U.S. nuclear submarine that has seen better days is the backdrop for this snow-swept map. It looks like Treyarch’s trademark map design continues here with three distinct ‘lanes.’ Not that I’m complaining. It helps gives the map an easy to follow visual structure. Plus, it makes calling out enemies easier.

The second map is an old Black Ops 1 favorite. We’re heading back to Jungle.

Earlier this week, we got a glimpse of another new Black Ops 4 map – Arsenal.

Another classic with Firing Range.

And one more in Summit.

And our first look at Morocco.

That puts the total number of Black Ops 4 multiplayer maps at 12 for launch. Eight new maps, and four remastered. It wouldn’t be a Black Ops game without Nuketown, and that’ll be coming in November.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is bringing all its multiplayer, Blackout and Zombies mayhem to consoles and PC on October 12.