What do you get when you pair Marcos Martines and Ducati Triumph NYC? Just a gorgeous motorcycle. Yeah, that’s all…

Miss Moneypenny triumph motorcycle

What started as a standard Triumph Bonneville motorcycle is now a head turner for the ages. A client at Ducati Triumph NYC wanted something he could ride and park in his living room. Right on brother.

With the base established, the team went to work tearing off the fuel tank, fenders, headlight, inner ring and skid plate. In their place is custom copper housings along with a custom leather seat created from a British Customs seat pan.

headlight on miss moneypenny triumph motorcycle


The design wasn’t enough for Martines and company, and the bike was reworked to handle the streets of NYC. Miss Moneypenny is enjoying custom suspension modifications, piggyback shocks and adjustable springs.

How much? To kick off a build, you’ll need a Triumph Bonneville. The 2016 model starts at $9,300. What Martines and Ducati Triumph NYC pulled off? One of those ‘if you have to ask’ moments.

Whoever ordered this custom job is enjoying one hell of a motorcycle. And it sees the outside of a garage too. No way you can keep Miss Moneypenny locked up.

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