Those of us looking for a divine reward in another miracle casting, you may want to remember just where Matthew McConaughey came from. The man was a bastion of romantic comedies for nearly a decade. And then all of the sudden realized he could act, and we were rewarded with another amazing HBO show.

So, the rumors are out. Vince Vaughn in the second season of True Detective. He’s being linked as a possible lead alongside Colin Farrell and Taylor Kitsch. And the Internet just exploded. Before you grab your pitchforks and handy Rust Cohle quotes, keep an open mind.

Previous casting rumors had mentioned Christian Bale and Jessica Chastain as possible leads. Both actors are distancing themselves from those rumors. On the surface, you think Vince Vaughn and Wedding Crashers. Then you watch True Detective. A kneejerk reaction to the rumor is that there’s no way this can work.

Then you IMDB Matthew McConaughey. Movies like Sahara and ‘insert romantic comedy here’. Last year you would have been screaming about that casting.

Me? I say wait and see. The showrunners have a way of pulling the best out of the actors. Granted, the pairing of Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey was absolute gold. The back and forth between the pair is just television gold.

Can the same magic happen with Vince Vaughn and someone like Taylor Kitsch? Absolutely, and Kitsch is probably hoping so to make the jump back onto the silver screen. Next time don’t sign on to Battleship and John Carter. Fire your agent for that ineptitude.

For casting, look at it with an open mind. The Internet exploded when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. The end result was the best performance of a villain in a comic book movie ever.

So, what we do know about season two of True Detective is that the casting is not set in stone. Talks are ongoing for as many as four leads. One thing is for sure, we still have a ways to go before we are settling into our weekly dose of HBO’s mega hit, True Detective.


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