Now you can let everyone know what you really want for Christmas. Adding products to your Amazon wishlist is just a single tweet away. #AmazonWishlist was launched yesterday as Amazon continues to test out social-media shopping. It’s all about attracting customers, and Amazon will do anything to do that.

If pestering your followers with what you want from Amazon sounds like something up your alley, you will need to connect your Amazon and Twitter accounts. After that, just reply with #AmazonWishlist to tweets with Amazon product links in them. The item will then be added to your wishlist.

This latest social media test with shopping comes after Amazon rolled out #AmazonCart, add items to your shopping cart, earlier in the year.

So far, Amazon hasn’t gone all the way to direct purchases within Twitter. I’m sure that’s on the way at some point.

Twitter has also been testing shopping features on its platform. Earlier this month, they began testing a ‘buy’ button for its mobile advertisers.

Get ready for the hastags to fly as Black Friday and holiday shopping get closer and closer.

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