After outrage over the beheading of kidnapped journalist James Foley, Twitter is rolling out a new policy in dealing with images of the deceased. Hey Google, are you there? I can still see multiple ISIS videos showing crimes against humanity. Your blanket Content ID usage would actually come in handy in this instance.

The move comes a week after the daughter of Robin Williams quit the service after being trolled with gruesome images of her late father. You know, people that hide behind anonymity and conduct themselves this way make a really good case for Internet ID.

Twitter is rushing to delete videos and pictures as they pop up of James Foley, who was beheaded in a gruesome YouTube video by the militant group, ISIS. Foley had been held captive since 2012, and was eventually handed over to the brutal group.

ISIS, or the Islamic State, has been adept at using social media as a recruitment tool. Seeing as the group has been branded a terrorist organization, all accounts should be deleted, and information handed over to intelligence officials. If they want to spit their ignorance and hatred, they can sit on backwater jihadist forums.

Twitter is making families jump through hoops to get the imagery taken down. The family or estate will have to provide a copy of the death certificate and government ID.

The company posted a message detailing the new policy. “In order to respect the wishes of loved ones, Twitter will remove imagery of deceased individuals in certain circumstances. When reviewing such media removal requests, Twitter considers public interest factors such as the newsworthiness of the content and may not be able to honor every request.”

Account access is still being refused by the company to family members of the deceased. Expect public pressure to mount as families look to hold onto digital records of their loved ones. We are fast becoming a nation of digital media, versus the one of old, with hard backed photo albums.

Other calls have been for Twitter to crackdown on trolling. Women are the biggest targets, having to deal with racist and misogynistic behavior from idiots who will make numerous fake accounts to cyber harass their victims.

With this new policy unveiled by Twitter, there should be a broader policy of reporting among all social networks. No one should have to endure harassment using a social media service. As a nation, we scream about the effects of bullying. Well, here’s an easy solution to start dealing with the problem.


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