Up Periscope. Twitter Gets Around to Launching App on Android
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Give me my ping. One ping only…

Android users feeling left out of the Periscope craze can rejoice today. Twitter has finally launched the app on the Google Play store. Yeah, you can livestream your lunch today.

Periscope for Android is essentially the iPhone app with a few exclusives. Did your broadcast get interrupted by a call or text? There’s now a ‘return to broadcast’ feature that gets viewers back to the stream.

The feature is an alert notification placed on your home screen. After you hang up, you can tap the area and quickly return to the broadcast.

Inside the notifications, users have the ability to toggle off alerts of a followed user when they go live, gets a new follower or shares a broadcast. If you opt out, realize the setting is global.

android periscope app

Say you turn off alerts when a user goes live, you will not receive any notification when your other followed users start broadcasting. It’s not a stretch to see an update allowing for individual notification settings over global.

Under Periscope’s Hood

By supporting KitKat 4.4 and later, development of the app was ‘significantly easier’ thanks to hardware encoding and video APIs. Elements of Lollipop are in Android’s Periscope app, giving it another feature not seen on iPhones.

If you have the iOS version, the broadcast area is actually a tab you have to access. Android? It gets a dedicated broadcast button. On Android, you can swipe back and forth between tabs.

With Periscope’s launch on Android, expect it and iOS to reach some level of parity with features. Lead Android developer at Twitter, Sara Haider has said there will be experimentation on the various platforms.

Hey, there’s nothing wrong with a little operating system jealousy here and there. It strikes a healthy balance.

Download Periscope now at the Google Play store.

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