If the people you follow weren’t annoying enough, Twitter is on a warpath for more revenue. User experience? Yeah, that died the second the IPO was floated. They answer to Wall Street, not the users.

Twitter is finally putting their Promoted Video platform into beta mode. Yeah, you will see that Fifty Shades of Grey trailer over and over again. This is a dream of Hollywood and the networks. Put teaser trailers directly into your timeline.

A piece of good news for your sanity. The ads will not autoplay as you scroll past them. Will there be an uproar of your timeline being taken over? Sure, but the service is free. They have to make money somehow.

Twitter is in full spin mode, claiming that the video content will ‘create a richer and more engaging Twitter.’ Hmm, I guess it beats having the random nut going about his hashtag spam. There could be a benefit to this. Content creators for the ads could get inventive with the video ads, and make exclusive Twitter videos.

Or, they could just annoy the hell out of us. Let’s be optimistic and hope companies come up with innovative ideas to use on the new advertising platform.

For those verified users and ‘select content publishers’, the new platform will allow them to place videos into a user’s stream. Analytics will be offered to show how well a video is performing. With the start of fall TV just around the corner, don’t be shocked to be bombarded with trailers and sneak peeks of upcoming shows.

The move to video is also playing catchup. Facebook and Instagram already integrate the ads. Twitter knows that video is the most engaging advertising, and while this is billed as a beta, expect it to become a part of the Twitter advertising service.


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