The Twitter updates continue today. Web profiles are getting a major makeover today and look a lot like Facebook’s profile page.

The new web profiles are available for select and new users. The changes will reach everyone else over the next few weeks.

What’s new? A larger profile photo, customizable header and “Best Tweets” function. The new layout completely changes the aesthetic of profile pages.

You can check out the new profiles on Channing Tatum’s, Michelle Obama’s, John Legend’s and Floyd Mayweather’s profile pages.

Tweets that have lots of favorites and retweets will appear larger, “so your best content is easy to find,” according to designer David Bellona.

You’ll also be able to pin a tweet to the top of your profile page. Check out Tatum’s page for an example.

Twitter hopes the new design will help them attract new users. Last quarter, Twitter announced fewer than expected users.

In other Twitter news, the social media company acquired Cover. Cover is an Android lock screen app that launched last October. It learns which apps you use throughout the day and puts them on your lock screen for easy access.

“Twitter, like Cover, believes in the incredible potential of Android,” the Cover team said. “They share our vision that smartphones can be a lot smarter — more useful and more contextual — and together we’re going to make that happen. We’ll be building upon a lot of what makes Cover great, and we’re thrilled to create something even better at Twitter.”


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