I lucked out and had the benefit of using the U-GYM Pro for the past few days and it’s great. Fresh off the successful crowdfunding of the Pro model, the Mini is the next evolution of U-GYM’s muscle stimulator line. Maximum portability while keeping the must have features.

Protip? Easy on tapping the strength button your first time. My shoulder was jumping on the Pro. Dialed it back and felt great. Both models work off medium frequencies (above 1kHz) to give you a deep tissue massage on the go.

U-GYM Mini Specs

We’ve all seen the various TENS devices sold at your local chain store. Aleve has one and Icy Hot has multiple versions. I’ve bought them all, and each has one giant issue. They all take a one size fits all approach. You don’t have the benefit of being able to place the pads where you want them.

U-GYM’s approach is two-fold. It’s not a consumer TENS unit which can sting the skin due to its low frequency. It stays in the 4000-8000Hz range, so the waves stimulate the muscles and nerves. And you place the pads exactly where you want the massage.

No wrapping an ace bandage around the Aleve device to hold it in place. Yeah, I may have gone full redneck and tried that. Don’t judge.

With the Mini, you can leave the MacGyver attempts at the store and focus on a personalized massage.

U-GYM Mini Black

The device was designed by a former product designer at Under Armor. So, if you want looks, you’re covered. It’s compact enough to fit anywhere. They show a belt clip, but let’s not go the cell phone holster route.

Number one reason? No massage therapist visits. For those of us not down with a stranger giving us a massage, that’s a huge plus. It also mimics the benefits of expensive and time-consuming treatments like cupping and acupuncture. No one is convincing me of the benefits of having tiny needles stabbed into me. Give me a digital muscle stimulator way before I entertain thoughts of acupuncture.

Each U-GYM Mini is Bluetooth enabled, allowing it to sync to the included app. There you can adjust settings, save your personal message settings and share them with friends and family.

Normally I joke about included apps, but having it serve as a remote is damn nice. Try adjusting the power settings on the Icy Hot package you bought from CVS. That strained muscle just became worse.

U-GYM Mini Specs

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massages

While the U-GYM Pro focuses on active lifestyles, the Mini is for relaxing. And who doesn’t want a massage to lull them to sleep? Then there’s the medical benefit. Sleep is critical to our overall health. You don’t have to Google long before you see the studies linking a variety health issues to a lack of sleep.

U-GYM Mini crowdfunding campaign

Diet and exercise are keys to a healthy sleeping pattern, but recent Mayo Clinic studies have shown the benefits of massage in combatting insomnia. It can also play a role in reducing anxiety, headaches, nerve and joint pain and soft tissue injuries. I can personally attest to the headache relief using the U-GYM Pro. The headaches dull and the tension bleeds away in thirty minutes.

U-GYM Mini Crowdfunding

The campaign kicks off today and has a starting price of $69 for the first 150 units. It jumps to $79 for the next 300. Delivery is set for March 2017. Having the U-GYM Pro, I love the idea of a Mini. U-GYM has a campaign goal of $100,000.

U-GYM Mini Package

The price is a nice sweet spot as a companion to the Pro model. Each has its own benefit. A U-GYM Mini is the definition of portability, and I like the emphasis on product design in the new model over the Pro. Not saying the Pro is ugly, because it’s not. I’m just a sucker for sleek design.

Head over to the campaign page for more information. I’ll update this post in the coming days with my U-GYM Pro review.

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