Almost too damn good. Your own masseuse without the grumbling spouse or random stranger.

U-GYM is already crowdfunding the Mini version of the Pro unit I had the chance to review. You know the TENS units you keep buying at your pharmacy? Quit. U-GYM Pro is not only a better option; it has loads more features.

Luckily, Myriam from U-GYM was kind enough to send a unit out to review. U-GYM Pro is meant for the fitness enthusiast, but I put it through its paces thanks to a litany of medical issues.

Since about May, my life has been a walking House episode. Seriously, if Hollywood wants to reboot the show, I can do a spec script. I have had enough contrast dye pumped into me to look to Google to find out if that’s ok. Five MRIs, two MRAs, and a CT scan. Ever seen an injector IV? It’s what radiologists use when you’re in the MRI machine for nearly two hours.

Won’t bore you with the complete diagnosis, but one piece of the puzzle was three separate types of migraines. When I get sick, I go big. Makes life interesting.

One byproduct of the migraines is incredible tension in my neck and left side. Enter the U-GYM Pro. Remember all those TENS units I mentioned? They are lying in a drawer now.

Slap two medical grade pads on, set the unit whatever mode I’m feeling, and it’s a 30-minute massage I kept repeating and repeating. Hey, if they can toss me into an MRI machine that many times, I’ll hit the massage button all I want.

While the U-GYM Mini is enjoying success on Indiegogo, the U-Gym Pro is already small. Imagine two iPhones stacked on top of each other. That’ll give you an idea of the dimensions. Fully charged, you can get about eight hours out of it, and the USB charger is something we all have thanks to smartphones.

U-GYM Pro Benefits

Outside of what I’m using it for, the Pro model is destined for the gym. Slide it into an armband, and you can go ahead and get in your post-workout massage while working out. The company promises the unit can increase workout efficiency, but I haven’t had the chance to try out that particular benefit.

An example U-GYM offers is attaching the pads to your abdomen while running to increase exercise efficiency. There’s no doubt it will stimulate muscle groups. I made the mistake of turning it on full blast to have my left shoulder contract fully. Not fun while recovering medically, but during a workout, I can see the benefits.

U-Gym Pro specs and price

If you already have enough wearables, the U-GYM is perfect after a shower. It’s small enough to slide in your pocket and hide the wires on your way to work or heading home. I’ve done both and the wires connected to the unit never once got in the way.

A side benefit is the 3200mAh battery doubles as a backup for your smartphone. You can’t use both at the same time, but if you went too far down the YouTube rabbit hole, the U-GYM Pro helps in a jam.

U-GYM App. You know it has to have an app. It’s 2016. The difference is the U-GYM app is useful. While it has the normal social sharing functions, updates, etc., it’s the ability to control the Pro I enjoyed the most.

U-GYM Quick Tips

The M1 mode is used to relieve pain and fatigue using deep tissue massage. M3 handles muscle stiffness for those sitting or standing a long time. I stayed in M3 the most, but that’s a product of being in front of a computer constantly.

Battery life. The unit shuts off once the charge dips below 20%. An orange light warns you, and once it’s fully charged, it turns green.

It should go without saying, but clean and dry skin. The pads last longer. If you’re lounging around all day, you’re fine, but post workout? Shower and then attach them.

Don’t toss the plastic card the pads are on. I almost had the peel-and-toss moment but saved it at the last second. The card stores and extends the life of the pads when not in use.


U-GYM Pro Price

The Bluetooth model retails for $249.00 and includes two sets of electropads – four small (5x5cm) for spot massage and four large pads (5x9cm) for both exercise and those days when the small pads won’t cut it.

It’s pricier than what you get at the store, but it’s multi-use more than makes up for it. It’s rechargeable, and you won’t be rushing to replace store-bought pads every couple of weeks.

Final Thoughts

It’s a buy for me. I gave it a shot for medical reasons and it worked great. Now I get to move towards using it in the gym. The exercise efficiency has my interest, but even as a massage unit to wind down after a long day; it’s more than worth it.

U-Gym Pro unit provided for the purpose of this review.

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