We’ve all been on them. The seemingly never-ending road trip. If you’ve been on a trip from NE Alabama to Panama City, you know exactly how boring the drive can be.

U+ is a Kickstarter campaign from Leap Gadgets that aims to solve our collective woes when it comes to the never-ending Interstate travel. It is an all-in-one wireless storage device.

It features everything you could need to keep those backseat drivers in check. Multimedia hub? Check. Backup storage? Yep. Backup charger? Gotta have that if you’re blitzing through a movie catalog. It even integrates with your smartphone’s camera for those all important car selfies.

My favorite feature? It forms a short range WiFi hotspot to pull the stored content. No eating into your data plan. Five devices can connect simultaneously to a U+ and can view, save and stream data.

U+ features

Plenty of storage options are offered with a U+. The base model comes with 16GB, but you can opt for 32, 64 or 128GB. I might need the 128GB. Let’s just say I have a lot of movies and old TV shows…

Streaming Media

Movie file extensions can be the bane of those trying to watch their favorite flick. U+ supports MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV and RMVB. Everything you need when syncing your library to the device.

The ability to stream from a U+ means little to no buffer time. Watch a movie in 1080p and feel free to pause, fast forward or rewind without the dreaded buffering. Try pulling that trick with Netflix heading through rural Alabama. Your phone may say LTE, but how we define LTE, and the carrier’s definition can be wildly different.

Not Just for Road Trips

While it seems perfect to keep kids, or your passengers entertained, the U+ can help business travelers. Need to sync and collaborate on the fly? The storage allows you to do that. Moving files is easy within the U+ app, enabling you to click and send.

The ability to store business documents locally ends the inevitable iffy Internet connections. I can see the feature being convenient for teams that have to hit remote locations. No slow 3G connections or everyone glancing at their phones in awe Edge still exists.

U+ Possibilities

With the ability to store your multimedia library and access it anywhere without an Internet connection, Leap has a perfect customer in truck drivers. The ability to sync and go would be perfect for my parents.

I could easily sync my dad’s latest entertainment selections and my mom a couple movies. They can watch them on separate devices instead of huddled around a laptop trying to hear over the roar of the diesel engine.

U+ Kickstarter

The campaign just kicked off and is finding early success. Delivery times are set for December, so a possible Christmas idea for the road tripper in your family. Pricing depends on storage: 16GB – $59, 32Gb – $69, 64GB – $89 and the 128GB for $119.

All the prices are early bird, but plenty of units remain. The funding goal is set for $30,000, and the company is nearing the halfway mark with 42 days to go.

Check out the video below to learn more about the U+ and the team behind the all-in-one media device.

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