Damn you Apple and free music. Granted, does anyone actually want the U2 album? I mean, really. They are the band the Super Bowl grabs when they are scared of offending the slightest of sensibilities.

The U2 and Apple promotion had the album being given away to the 500 million users of iTunes. Cue the requisite outrage of the auto-download. Hang on, maybe we can remix the outrage into an EDM track. Drop the bass on Songs of Innocence.

Users took to Twitter to raise their virtual pitchforks in disgust. There must be a way to delete this intrusion of our iTunes library. Only Florida Georgia Line is allowed, damn it. We don’t have time for this hippy, U2 stuff.

Granted, if you are not of the button mashing persuasion, you can already delete the album. Is that enough for honor graduates of Video Professor? Nah, Apple had to release a special tool that gives you a one click uninstall.

So if seeing the album of art of U2’s Songs of Innocence is enough to send you into a minor meltdown, there is a fix. As for your musical tastes, well to each their own.


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