An official ban in Austin and Miami isn’t stopping the popular ride-sharing service from expanding to both cities. Uber made the announcement yesterday. Orlando is also on the list and officials there are “reviewing the current situation” to see if Uber complies with local laws.

Cab companies are lobbying hard against Uber and other similar companies such as Lyft. These ride-sharing services are pretty much destroying the cab industry and consumers are all for it.

Uber is fighting against the bans in Austin and Miami. Austin’s problem with the service comes as city officials have categorized the company as a “for-hire driving service.” This means a specific license is needed in order to charge riders more than $0.56 per mile. In Miami, Uber tried, unsuccessfully, to compete directly with cabs.

“To date, tens of thousands of South Florida residents and visitors have opened the Uber app to connect with a reliable ride, only to find their transportation needs couldn’t be met. Miami deserves better, ” Uber wrote in a blog post.

Uber is celebrating the launch in South Beach with free rides for a limited time.

Uber promises your ride will be “better, faster and over 25% cheaper than a taxi.” No wonder cab companies hate them. Hard to compete with those prices.

Uber’s move into Austin and Miami follows in the footsteps of Lyft, a similar service. The two companies are bypassing city hall and are going straight to the consumer. They’ll deal with the impounded car or two and multiple citations in order to get public support, and eventually change the laws.

The world is changing every day. You either change with it, or get left behind. For cab companies, that means changing up your business model.


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