A Mix Of Old And New Is Coming to Ubisoft’s E3 2019 Conference

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

E3 isn’t always about showing off the next big game. Sometimes, devs and publishers keep talking about the games that already made it big. And Ubisoft is one of the best big publishers in the business of keeping their games relevant years later.

Ubisoft dropped a quick lineup announcement trailer this morning that gives a glimpse of what they’ll talk about on June 10. Already released games like Rainbow Six: Siege, The Division 2, For Honor, Assassin’s Creed, and Trials will be joined by one or two surprises according to Yves Guillemot.

Before we start speculating on what those one or two surprises are, let’s touch on what won’t be there. Skull & Bones won’t be at E3, and its release date was recently pushed back to 2020.

Skull & Bones Producer Karl Luhe says Ubisoft “remains fully devoted to this exciting journey to bring you this brand new game and we’re confident Skull & Bones is going to be amazing.”

Damn, I was hoping to finally get my hands on Skull & Bones this year. But, I’m always for giving developers more time to get it done right. And if it prevents the notorious crunch period, then even better.

As for those one or two surprises? I hope for Splinter Cell fans’ sanity we get Michael Ironside on stage announcing Sam Fisher’s next mission. Today’s Ubisoft support with a new Splinter Cell and Spies vs. Mercs multiplayer? I’m there day zero.

We should also see some more of Ghost Recon Breakpoint and Beyond Good & Evil 2, but I wouldn’t put those in the ‘surprise’ category. They are known quantities.

One of the other surprises could be a Ubisoft Pass subscription service. Ubisoft has a good enough lineup to make it work.

I’ll take Splinter Cell, and Prince of Persia reveals Ubisoft.

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