There’s only 12,300 20th Anniversary PS4s across the world. About 500 of those will be sold this week. But, you’ll need to be quick if you want your shot at buying one.

Here is how it will go down. Sony is partnering with UK retailer GAME to sell the roughly 500 units this week.

A competition is being held with the help of an elaborate collage and Twitter. Want a shot at a rare PS4? Here’s what you need to do.

Make sure you are following @PlayStationUK or @GAMEDigital on Twitter.

Examine this collage of video game characters.

Keep an eye out for clues tweeted from the two Twitter accounts above. Here’s when you need to be on the lookout. (Times are GMT)

  • Monday 4pm
  • Tuesday 5pm
  • Wednesday 2pm
  • Thursday 8am
  • Friday 12pm

Solve the clue, find the character it leads to and zoom in. Click the blue cross and you will be taken to a special GAME website.

You have to be fast. Only the first 100 people get to buy it.

There are some terms and conditions for the competition. You need to be at least 18 years old and have a UK address.

If you aren’t quick enough to be in the first 100, you’ll be entered into a daily draw where Sony will give one away for free.

Either be fast, or be lucky. Or, drop more than $1,000 on eBay for one.


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