Uncle Drew Returns and Takes on Ray Allen
uncle drew chapter four

Kyrie Irving is back in action. Not on the court with the Cleveland Cavaliers but in the fourth chapter of his Uncle Drew / Pepsi series. The entire chapter is written and directed by Irving, and he puts himself up against Ray Allen.

Anyone notice how well the series is shot? If Irving decides to hang up the jersey, he can take his talents to Hollywood. Previous chapters have featured Kyrie Irving going off in his old man Uncle Drew persona on ‘unsuspecting’ players on local basketball courts.

This time? Two old dudes playing a game of H-O-R-S-E. Of course, one of those old guys is Walt, Ray Allen’s character. You think he hits a three or two? Oh yeah.

The folks at Uproxx got an up close look at the filming of chapter four that also includes Baron Davis and JB Smoove. Davis didn’t see much action as Louis but did get to cruise in his Hoveround.

Irving actually uses it as a prop in the game during the spot, giving Allen’s character fits.

Watching the six-minute video, you are left wondering when it was filmed. September to be exact, and it gives a not-subtle-at-all at Irving’s work to get back on the floor.

“Basketball is a physical game,” Uncle Drew narrates to begin the Pepsi spot. “You’re going to take hits. The question is, how do you bounce back? How do you get stronger? Passion. Discipline. Fundamentals. Got that, youngbloods? Good. Now let’s go to work.”

Right on old timer. Thankfully, the Cavs have upgraded the backup point guard position with Mo Williams. Starting for the injured Irving, he has helped the Cavaliers rip off seven straight wins, and will solidify the bench. No one will be horrified when Lebron steps off the court for a rest.

Baron Davis mentioned back in September how good Irving looks.

“He looks good,” Davis said back in September. “He’s done a good job of keeping himself in shape, even with the injury. He just has a wealth of knowledge for the game, and you never worry about somebody like that.”

The release of the fourth chapter is intriguing. Irving’s timeline to return says January, but why release the spot in early-November? Could he be making a comeback in time for Christmas?

I say no rush. The Cavs are in a good spot. If he needs until January, park it until January. It’s all about the playoffs.

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