The year was 1795. A time capsule was placed in the granite cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House by Paul Revere and Samuel Adams. At least, that’s how historians believe it happened.

The time capsule was unearthed yesterday after workers encountered it while working on a water leak. As soon as the workers spotted the capsule, they brought in a local expert to remove it.

This wasn’t the first time the time capsule was removed. It was dug up back in 1855 during repairs to the State House. It was put back in place after these repairs were completed.

Secretary of State William Galvin spoke to the Boston Globe about the time capsule yesterday. “Hopefully there will be no damage and we will be able to observe the artifacts that trace us back to the history not only just of this building, but of our Commonwealth and our country,” said Galvin.

What’s inside it? Officials believe there are coins dating between 1652 and 1855. Some coins were tossed in when the capsule was retrieved during the 1855 repairs.

Other possible items include newspapers and a title page from the Massachusetts Colony Records. The time capsule is now at the Museum of Fine Arts where it will be X-rayed to get a better look at its contents. We should hear more about the capsule’s contents next week.

State officials do plan to re-bury the capsule. But, no decision has been made about adding objects before re-burying it. I say toss an iPhone in there and lock it up.

All joking aside, what would you put in the time capsule? Tell me in the comments below.

Top image credit: AP/ Elise Amendola

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