You know what’s been missing from the emoji repertoire? A damn spider. Hey, too lazy to type out you’re eating? Boom, there’s a plate for that. With a fork and a knife because we have culture. We now have a rocket and a satellite (why?).

The main one you should expect to see in every Instagram feed from now until an asteroid hits us is the live long and prosper emoji. Thanks to Unicode 7.0, messengers now have a selection of 250 new emoji characters. Some of them foreign language scripts.

Most of you have heard of Emojis but are puzzled by what in the world Unicode is. The technology underpins most of the internet with a character-encoding standard. So when you type out a letter, browsers are apps know a ‘B’ is a ‘B’ and so forth.

Emojis became popular first in Japan with smiling face, a thumbs up or a sun. The popularity quickly spread around the world and are extremely popular with teens. That doesn’t mean adults aren’t afraid of using them. In addition to the aforementioned adds, Unicode 7.0 will add a plane landing. Show off to your friends your jetset life.

What isn’t known is whether the update will make its way to cell phones. The big providers would require an update. More than likely, you can expect the update to happen.

Before Unicode, each country had their own encoding structure. With the widespread adoption, web browsers encoding menu is rarely needed. All of this is due to Unicode. So, get ready for the onslaught of new emojis. It’s a brave new world out there.

As for the timeline, it is dependent on the hardware providers. Smartphone makers will have to update their phones to allow for the new standard. When they do, we can all be subjected to a steady stream of live long and prosper.


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