Play Unreal Tournament, Then Watch Top Players Face Off This Weekend

Facing Worlds Unreal Tournament

The latest build of Unreal Tournament is out in the wild, and Epic Games wants you to take it for a spin. New characters like the Skaarj and female Necris have just been added as well as three new maps.

Unreal Tournament female character

Anyone who played Unreal Tournament when it first hit PCs in 1999 will be excited for one of these maps. Facing Worlds is back and has received a facelift.

Facing Worlds

The other two maps are Titan Pass and Pistola Battleground. Each of the three maps has received a “full visual pass” in the latest build.

Besides new maps and characters, the latest build also includes new meshes, materials and animations for three weapon models – the Sniper Rifle, Rocket Launcher and Link Gun.

Unreal Tournament link gun

The latest build also brings the first iteration of Unreal Tournament’s progression system. As you play, you will earn items that you’ll always keep with the pre-alpha logo on them to show you participated. Epic Games does warn folks that the system “may be a bit bumpy.”

Bot AI has been improved as well, especially in regards to CTF.

If you want to check out some high-quality Unreal Tournament gameplay, be sure to tune into the Capture the Flag Exhibition Tournament on Saturday at 1 p.m. EST. Here are the Twitch and YouTube Gaming links.

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