Chris Doane busted out a drone or a helicopter to grab the first images of the 2019 Jeep Wrangler Pickup. Yeah, Jeep has the vehicle wrapped in camouflage. Why? It might look like a Jeep when all’s said and done…

Calm down folks; we know it’s going to borrow heavily from the Wrangler line. It’s not a state secret. What we get a glimpse at is the automaker isn’t giving fans a half-baked pickup. The long wheelbase and giant truck bed show off a Wrangler that’s ready to do some work.

A couple of points have been raised in forums. The spy shots show a definite unfinished product. Most of the areas (fenders, wheels, etc.) don’t line up or appear not to thanks to Jeep wrapping it. It is on the big side. For some, that’s a good thing. For others? The four-door plus a truck bed loses all its Wrangler roots.

It is a marked shift from the 2005 Jeep Gladiator concept the automaker gave us back in the day. Then it was a two-door short-bed pickup. Now? It’s a monster. Will we see multiple variants that allow drivers to pick a two-door over a four-door? For a Wrangler Pickup, I’d hope so.

We have to remember we are looking at a vehicle that is still two years out. Things will inevitably change and name a car that looks good wrapped in camouflage to prevent people from getting close looks at an unfinished product. The downside is this is the age of social media, and everyone has a camera.

Still, I like the Gladiator concept. Had the truck bed, but still kept the distinctive Jeep Wrangler look.

And Chris Doane? Hella nice camera work. And people hate on drones/quadcopters. How else would we get to second guess Jeep before the official unveiling of the Wrangler Pickup Truck?

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