The Unreal Engine 4.1 update coming later this month will add support for Linux and SteamOS.

Epic Games will also release Unreal Engine’s Elemental tech demo for free. Subscribers will be able to check out the demo on Unreal Engine’s marketplace. The Elemental tech demo was first shown by Epic to demonstrate what the Unreal Engine is capable of on next-generation hardware.

A spokesperson with Epic talked about adding the Elemental tech demo to the engine’s market place. “It took us awhile, but we’ve converted Elemental to match the engine’s default system, to make it easy for you to use these assets with your own projects.”

Various game development engines have been in the news over the past month. It used to cost thousands of dollars to use an engine such as Unreal. Now it will cost you just $19 a month plus 5% of gross revenue to use one of the most popular game engines.

Game engine developers are going the way of Adobe. Making it more affordable for the average person and make money off the quantity of new users.

Epic will be adding a lot more features besides Linux support. Some of these new features include new templates and general fixes. Head over to the official site to read the full list.


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