usain bolt 100 meters

How is this even a competition? Usain Bolt looks like he’s just jogging down the lane, blowing away everyone. He grabbed the world indoor record for the 100 meters and then withdrew from the competition.

And why not? Usain Bolt is coming off a foot injury, competing just four times this year. He’s set to start training for the 2015 season in October. Looks like he’s doing just fine after the injury. His races always look interesting at the start, and then he just hit another gear.

Oh and to top it off, the competitors run into a padded wall at the end. Looks fun, but has freak ACL tear written all over it. Usain Bolt is set to defend his records at the World Championship in Beijing next year.

As for America? The vast majority will start to care about track once the Summer Olympics roll around again. Check out Usain Bolt destroying the competition below.