Hey, Valve is doing something besides bringing hats to video games. Joking aside, GDC is shaping up to be a good one this year.

A recent Steam post teases, “The Steam Universe is expanding.”

It continues, “At GDC 2015, we’ll be giving demos of the refined Steam Controller, new living room devices, and a previously-unannounced SteamVR hardware system.”

I’m going to assume ‘new living room devices’ is Steam Machines.

Valve is on the lookout for VR content creators. Valve says it will be giving scheduled VR throughout GDC. The VR race is on. Most people who have tried the Oculus Rift love it. I’ll be getting my hands on one next week. Just couldn’t wait any longer for word on a consumer version.

One of the biggest things holding VR back right now is content. Some games support it, but they really need the killer-apps that convince mainstream consumers they need it.

I’m also really interested to see what Valve’s final Steam controller looks like. It’s gone through several revisions from its reveal.

steam controller

Steam controller 2

Credit: CNET

Steam controller

We will see if Valve’s controller will be enough to make me unplug my Xbox controller.

So, VR is the obvious piece of hardware everyone is looking forward to – but what about Steam Machines or the controller? Interested in either of these? Let me known in the comments below. Oh, and show us a trailer for Half-Life 3. You know you want to Gabe.


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