SNL fans will immediately jump to the iconic Chris Farley sketch of him living in a van, down by the river. Zach Both? The filmmaker has taken the joke and made it a dream of anyone wanting the nomadic lifestyle.

He, along with the assistance of his dad, took an old Chevy cargo van and transformed it into one hell of a rolling accommodation. It’s not every day you can say the old Chevy looks better than most houses.



Inside, the interior was influenced by modern architecture. Side panels were installed to let in the fresh air and the natural light. A futon bed occupies the back, complete with a desk to work on the road.

Cooking? He installed both a stove and fridge. Keeping things green are the solar panels on the roof that help power the fridge, various computers and the WiFi. Hey, we may all want to be nomadic, but who is giving up internet access? Not me and Zach agrees.



What’s great about the project is Zach gives you a guide on how to DIY a nomadic lifestyle. Have your eye on an old Chevy cargo van? The Vanual will put you on the path to building your dream.

It’s not a step-by-step guide, but it will give anyone the inspiration they need. As for the secret spot the exterior photos were taken? Head out to California and get lost up near Big Sur.

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