I’m pretty sure early 30s is that weird age bracket where you remember and used the technology of old, but have completely embraced the latest and greatest. One of the antiques of technology is seeing its final production.

The VCR. Japan-based Funai announced July would be the last month of production for a new VCR. Sad day for those who recorded Sopranos on VHS. The video cameras of old that actually used tapes. That’s right kids. No filter wasn’t a hashtag; it was a damn feature.

A History of the VCR

If you’re my age or Alex’s age, you’ll remember your parents telling you to program the VCR. When we lived in Adak, AK, it was a constant refrain of programming the timers to record shows. You try living near the international date line and figuring out when your favorite show actually came on.

VCR production stopped

Then it was the appetite of VCRs. Had a favorite movie on VHS? It would eat it. Literally. There was no VCR and chill. It was hit play and pray.

Want proof parents made use of child labor to program the things? Check out the continuous recordings of GI Joe cartoons if you buy a VCR at a yard sale. Hey, don’t judge. That was a great cartoon. The Centurions. Power Extreme folks…

All isn’t lost. VCRs are still collectibles proving people will collect anything. My uncle still has a TV/VCR combo. Yeah…

The argument from collectors is some VHS content hasn’t been converted to modern formats. Really? What are we missing out on? Old home movies that you should be glad were never recorded in the age of YouTube? Your therapist might be irritated, but your sanity thanks you for being older.

VCRs Go Quietly into that Good Night

With Funai throwing in the tape, collectors will have to turn to eBay, yard sales or Amazon. Beginning to think there isn’t anything Amazon won’t sell. Rock the dual deck Funai for $119.00. That’s kinda steep for a VCR, but I’ve spent more on crazier things.

Though Funai is stopping production, sales of VCRs were still at 750,000 units last year. I’d ask, but we should leave that figure alone.

It’s a sad day for VCR, but tell me your memories of the VCR in the house. Kids? Get off our damn lawns…

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