Verizon Goes Full Oprah With Connection Day (Freebies)
verizon connection day

Let’s all collectively agree that the Christmas shopping season has gotten out of hand. You can barely eat the turkey dinner before you’re off to scoop up the latest deals. $3 waffle maker? Sold. I already have a waffle maker? Doesn’t matter, it’s $3.

Well, now we have pre-Black Friday festivities courtesy of Verizon. Because a sizable chunk of the populace will be travelling the day before Thanksgiving, Verizon wants to ‘give’ back to everyone. Make the journey a little more pleasant. Yeah, unless you’re offering me a private jet, nothing is going to make the airport enjoyable.

Verizon’s attempt at an ‘Oprah’ includes partnerships with Amazon, Apple, Boingo Wireless, Condé Nast, Gogo Technologies, JetBlue and Pandora. Everything from movies to streaming music will be given away to customers and non-customers alike.

Verizon Connection Day Deals

Before you break out in celebration, it’s not like Verizon is giving away the store. The freebies cater to those traveling on the day. Here’s what you can expect on ‘Connection Day’:

A special Audible deal that includes two free Audible downloads (new members) or a $10 credit (current members) from Amazon.

An iTunes offer set for reveal by Apple on November 26. Seriously, does everything warrant an event with Apple?

Access to free digital downloads of 17 Condé Nast publications, including GQ and Wired.

Mobile access to popular TV shows and movies, via the Verizon FIOS Preview app. That will probably make you dislike Comcast even more.

A seven-day free trial of Pandora One.

Free in-flight Wi-Fi on JetBlue flights between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Probably handy when you’re stuck on the tarmac.

Complimentary 30-minute internet sessions through Boingo Wireless (airports) and Gogo Technologies (in-flight).

Verizon released a statement on the creation of ‘Connection Day.’ “As we approach the holiday season, we wanted to show how much we appreciate our customers, We hope that not only our customers, but everyone, will take advantage of this day — a day to connect with family and friends, to learn something new about their device, or just to provide a little more entertainment during what can often be a hectic kick off to the holiday season.”

For those that want a point of reference for the deals, and curious as to what Apple is offering, Verizon set up a Connection Day site. Check it out for more info on the freebies, and any additions from the company.

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