The VOIP and messaging app is celebrating 100 million active users today.

“As usage increases, our priority remains the same – introducing features, adding more platforms, and improving Viber with every new version. This is exactly what we’ve done with the new Viber Desktop, and we’re really excited for our users to try it out,” said CEO Talmon Marco in a press statement.

The active user number is an important one because Viber had only released registered user statistics until today. Active users are a much more important metric that shows users that are using it on a monthly or daily basis.

Besides touting the 100 million active user figure, Viber is also reporting more than 360 million unique registered users. The company believes that more than 200 million of these users are reachable through their platform at “any given time.”

Viber also announced a new version of its Desktop app that “features a new look and feel with a special focus on the ever-popular stickers that users love.”

The app is also expanding its global reach as Viber’s support site is now available in Portuguese and Spanish.

What exactly is Viber?

Viber offers free texting, voice and video service to all of its users. The VOIP and messaging app is available on all popular mobile devices including iPhone, Android phones, tablets and desktop versions.

Viber was recently acquired by Rakuten, a massive Japanese internet company, for $900 million.

Check out Viber’s official site to learn more about the app.


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