A whole new wave of digital stars have cropped up in the past few years. People have made careers out of YouTube videos on a diverse range of topics. Video games? Check. Singers? Check. Stylists? You get the idea.

Victorious is a new startup that aims to bring together a digital creator’s content from YouTube to other social networks. The startup, launching today, already has some serious YouTube talent onboard. Boyce Avenue, an independent band has signed on bringing with them nearly 6 million subscribers. Michelle Phan, a popular makeup artist, is also joining up, bringing 6.6 million subscribers.

What is Victorious offering? Centralization. Most YouTube stars have multiple avenues of content. YouTube videos for the set subscriber base, Instagram posts for the behind the scenes look and Vine for the short videos. Victorious is going to be able to pull all that under one app.

It will also allow the content creators to better interact with their fans. Take Michelle Phan for example. She would be able to poll her fanbase on what they want to see next. She’s known for breaking down looks from popular shows such as Game of Thrones.

In what will definitely pique the interest of YouTubers is the monetization options Victorious plans on rolling out. Native advertising and e-commerce will be some of the options.

The question that remains, is how big do you have to be for the app to work in your favor? Chief Creative Officer for Victorious says engagement is just as important as numbers. The ballpark figure for subscribers is in the hundreds of thousands. Not exactly small, but you don’t need to be a top-tier YouTube talent to make this work.

When the apps roll out in the fall, the platform will be self-serve, though the company has already said they are working closely with the initial customers.

The biggest point that will sell digital creators will be the increased monetization. That has been a point of contention with YouTube, and it looks like Victorious will start to fill that void.


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