Reddit Video of Modern Warfare’s Battle Royale Map Backs Up Previous Leaks

Last night, a video popped up on Modern Warfare’s Reddit showing what appears to be the game’s Battle Royale map.

While we still wait for official word Battle Royale is coming to Modern Warfare, the video does confirm a previous leak (via data-mining) detailing the mode and giving us this image of the map.

In the leaked video, we can see a dam in the distance at the very beginning. At five seconds, we see the Ground War map, Karst River Quarry. At 12 seconds, the Ground War map Krovnik Farmland, followed by a tall, circular structure. The video shows many of the same spots as the leaked image from nearly a month ago.

Here’s another image from Eurogamer showing how Ground War and Spec Ops maps make up a good chunk of the map.

If you missed the earlier leak, check it out here. It details a Battle Royale mode with up to 200 players, loot and body armor, and a possible new mechanic for when you die in a match.

While it seems like we know a lot about the forthcoming Battle Royale mode – we haven’t actually heard from Infinity Ward or Activision about it. All the leaks point to its inevitability, but when will see it confirmed?

Call of Duty is big enough that a trailer drop can happen any time, but maybe we’ll hear something at The Game Awards on December 12. Both Fortnite and PUBG used the stage to announce new content coming to their respective games before.

We pretty much know Battle Royale is coming to Modern Warfare, and it has to happen sooner rather than later. I will be shocked if we’re not playing it by February. The Call of Duty hype cycle will fire back up in May, and we know damn well Activision won’t let the launch of new console hardware come and go without a new Call of Duty launching alongside it.

Season 1 is in full swing right now, but Infinity Ward is opting to release content throughout the two-month long season. So a Battle Royale mode doesn’t necessarily have to wait until Season 2.