Could Vin Diesel be heading to another Marvel franchise? His blink and you missed it Facebook tease is leading to some serious speculation this morning. It has since been taken down, but it has fans buzzing. The Inhumans are a group of Marvel superheroes that are slated to get their own movie in 2018.

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In addition to the silver screen adaptation, the group is set to get a big role on ABC’s SHIELD. While it’s best to take these celebrity teases with a giant helping of salt, a Vin Diesel role isn’t out of the question. He did the voice of Groot on Guardians of the Galaxy, and none of the motion capturing.

The Guardians of the Galaxy sequel is due out in 2017, leaving plenty of time for Vin Diesel to grab an Inhuman mask. Speculation is rife that he would be Black Bolt, which works even better as the character hardly speaks. In the comics, his voice is so powerful it can level a city.

If this turns out to be true, it would give Vin Diesel yet another massive franchise. There’s no reason to doubt that an Inhumans movie wouldn’t be a runaway success for Marvel. Toss in Vin, and you have the Fast and Furious fans flocking over.

Nothing has been confirmed or even hinted at from Marvel’s side. Still, it’s a reminder of what a powerful franchise Disney owns. The movie is over 3 years away and we are flipping out about possible casting.

Way to get everyone fired up about a Marvel property. Now, go ahead and cast Vin Diesel. It sounds like a winner to me.


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