Turns out, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 displays work great for virtual reality. An iFixit teardown of the latest developer version of the Oculus Rift shows it uses the smartphone display.

It even has its touchscreen capability still intact. iFixit jokes about the potential of an eyelash controller in the future. There is at least one notable difference with the Oculus display. It’s capable of a 75 Hz refresh, compared to the display’s original 60 Hz refresh rate.

A Samsung display in the latest version of Oculus Rift isn’t too surprising. An Engadget report from late May says the two companies are working together. In exchange for early access to Oculus’ mobile software development kit, Oculus will get early access to Samsung’s next OLED screens that will have resolutions higher than 1080p.

A CNET report from late July corroborates the Engadget report.

Samsung is believed to be working on its own VR device that may be unveiled later this year. This device is said to use your phone as the headset. That seemed far-fetched until the recent teardown by iFixit.

The wearable tech space is about to explode. The Oculus Rift has been praised as a game-changing experience to first-person games. Other tech companies don’t want to miss the VR train either with Sony working hard on its own device. Samsung’s entry into the media aspect of VR is sure to be followed by other companies.

Plus, Apple is reportedly jumping into the wearable space with its iWatch, or whatever the tech blogs are dubbing it these days. It will be interesting to see how the general consumer reacts to the slew of wearable tech devices coming in the next year or two. I can’t wait.


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