This much is clear in the United States. Opioid overdose is an out-of-control epidemic. I’m not going to sit here and demonize legitimate pain management patients. How, as humans, can we use blanket stereotypes for people that are prescribed these drugs?

Is there abuse? Of course. But, there is a definitive need for patients looking for relief. Today a study was released concerning overdose rates declining in states that have legalized medical marijuana. put together a few rather startling charts concerning drug overdoses and deaths.

Sure, we all see marijuana as stoner culture. Insert the requisite Bill Maher joke here. Looking at these charts shows a novel approach is needed. The answer isn’t to get rid of pain medication where it is needed, but to offer patients choices. That is true health care.

The charts take a bit to load as they are animated gifs. Please be patient and share with your friends. And email your state and federal government representatives. This is something that needs to change. Too many hopes and dreams have been crushed already.

opioid overdose animation

opioid chart

drug use and overdose

drug use and overdoses

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