Democracy digitized. No one really wants to wear the ‘I Voted’ sticker, so Facebook is planning to rollout a digital I voted sticker. Already in place in the United States, it allows you to proudly proclaim your civic duty. Hope and Change? Nah, you just woke up and stood in line. Hey, that fourth seat on the local board of education is important.

The feature was tried again in the recent India elections, and had 4 million people click I voted. Don’t worry, your ballot selections are kept a secret. Though your incessant political posts probably gives it away. Upcoming elections where the button will be available will be EU parliament elections, Colombian elections, and then for voters in Indonesia, South Korea, Scotland and New Zealand later this year.

America will not be left out in the cold. The special brand of crazy that is our midterms will feature the I voted digital option. Don’t worry, nothing will change in Washington, and you are pretty much wasting your time. But at least you get the digital sticker to prove you did it.

While Facebook doesn’t expect the same turnout as the 2012 election, the company expects 400 million people to see the ‘I’m a Voter’ messages in their newsfeeds this year. That represents more than a third of the social media giant’s 1.1 billion users.

Talking to Reuters, Facebook spokesman Andy Stone hailed the possibilities of a social multiplier effect. “There is a real social multiplier effect. When people see on Facebook that their friends have voted, they themselves are motivated to vote.”

Yeah, Facebook is going to suddenly increase turnout. Damn, the person I actually don’t know voted. Why don’t I go wait behind a bevy of senior citizens and vote on who is going to be my representative in my state’s legislature. That amendment about cows in rural Alabama? Yeah, that’s a wedge issue.

Expect the feature from Facebook to roll out to all users in the coming months. Your digital inked finger is sure to show Washington.


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