It took a bit, but the Vuze VR is finally emerging from the shadows with a price and a shipping date – more like a range. Pre-orders are live on the on the site for $799 with it in your hands in October.

Not the most exact ship date, but coupled with the price, it’s tangible. At $799, HumanEyes, the creator of Vuze, is looking to hit a price point in the VR video niche that offers both specs and value.

Right now, the VR camera vertical is either a bank account destroying five-figures venture or you sacrifice quality and stay in the range of a few hundred dollars. Vuze VR aims to shoot the gap and bring it to the masses for the price of an iPhone.

And the simplicity. HumanEyes is touting Vuze’s point and shoot capability. Set it up on the included tripod and capture your 360-degree moments. The company is promising ‘near real-time processing’ for video. It breaks down to one minute of processing for every minute captured through the Vuze Studio app.

vuze vr announces price and release date

Stitching is achieved through a collection of methods, including what Vuze calls adaptive blending. It is not seamless, but stitching together 360-degree video is about as time-intensive of a project you’ll get. Vuze is allowing a few seams to show for speed and ease of use.

If it’s a hobbyist wanting to show off, quality can dip for the sake of speed. Time sensitive footage? No one will balk at a video that isn’t perfectly stitched together. Vuze should allow for the exporting of the footage to put into another editing program for those wanting more control in post.

Vuze Competitors

Defining who Vuze is competing against is difficult. At $799, it’s well under the cost and capabilities of the Nokia Ozo ($60,000) or the GoPro rigs ($5,000-$15,000). Sticking with price, it competes with the Gear 360 ($599) and the Theta S ($350). Neither can handle stereoscopic 360.

It’s a new market, and the Vuze isn’t launching until the fall. What does the landscape look like then? Is there another GoPro product waiting in the wings? October may be approaching quickly, but it’s a lifetime in the VR niche.

Specs for the Vuze include eight full HD cameras – two on each side. Field of view for each lens is 120-degree horizontal and 180-degree vertical. Stitched together, it outputs stereoscopic 360-degree video in 4K resolution at 30fps.

Framing the shot will be accomplished by the companion app for both iOS and Android.

The company is live with its pre-orders and is offering a free headset and mini tripod as part of the promotional package.

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