Why kick it in a van down by the river when you can have the VW parked in the house? Evidently, that question popped up at Portugal-based Circu – manufacturers of what they describe as ‘magical furniture.’

Yeah, whatever helps you sleep soundly at night. Their latest creation is a replica VW van that you can park in your bedroom. It’s the type of purchase you need to think about. VW Van in a bedroom? Yeah, that novelty won’t wear off in about 10 minutes…

Now, hide this from your kids or husband, who acts the same age. It is a legitimate replica of the classic VW Van. We are taking Circu’s word on it, but you can get it into your house without removing a wall, using a crane or a forklift.

Well, damn. Where’s the fun in that? If I’m plopping a VW inside my house, I want full use of construction machinery. Not IKEA hell with Allen wrenches and manual rivaling War and Peace in length. Yeah, you’re going to have an extra hubcap. Embrace it and move on.

Jokes aside, the interior is filled with chrome and wood veneer finishes for the retro van feel. The outside is constructed from fiberglass and once assembled; you better be satisfied with where it’s placed. Though, it is tempting to have it assembled and move it through your apartment complex.

vw van bed side view

Features of the Circu’s ‘Bun Van’ include the bed, a sofa, flat-screen TV, minibar/fridge combo and plenty of storage compartments. How you explain it to your Tinder match is on you. If the person loves it, you should go ahead and get married that night.

vw van bedroom flat-screen tv

VW Van Bedroom Price?

Circu is billing the replica as a made-to-order and limited in its run. Translation? It’s not your normal platform bed from IKEA.

The Bun Van is expensive, but there’s good news. You can always take your van bedroom and sleep down by the river.

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