14 year old boy living in walmart

Walmart Living. 14-Year Old Had Makeshift Lairs in Texas Store

You have to be truly desperate for a new spot if you are resorting to Walmart. A 14-year old was discovered living in a Texas Walmart for four days. And the boy had his plans down pat. Like a Bear Grylls for the Walmart crowd.

The boy was staying with relatives in Corsicana when he decided to run away and set up camp in Walmart. He actually had two living areas in the store. One was in the baby product aisle, and another behind the massive rows of paper towels and toilet paper.

He changed his clothes every few hours to avoid being spotted, and wore diapers to avoid being seen hitting the bathroom. For food, he lived off the land. In this case, he made a crack in the drink aisle to swipe soft drinks.

Walmart is still gathering information on the incident, and the Corsicana police department has yet to release a statement.

In the end, the boy was finally discovered by Walmart employees. His days of living off Walmart were short.

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