So you’re at your local Walmart. Maybe you’re grabbing some groceries. You take a walk through the sporting goods section on your way over to the grocery side. And you spot a mountain bike. Your mind says go somewhere else. Your heart notices the sale. A Huffy Carnage for $179. July is the new January. Let’s get going on those New Year’s resolutions.

If you’re just now buying a mountain bike for the first time, chances are you’re not about to go cruising down a legit trail. You’re going to pedal around your neighborhood for about a week before you toss it in your garage. I’m not the only one that does that, right?

But what if you stuck with it. Can a Huffy Carnage handle a real downhill mountain bike trail?

Pro Downhill Mountain Biker Phil Kmetz took one for the team to find out. Phil was impressed with how well the Huffy Carnage looked. As for performance? Well, you get what you pay for rings true once again.

For $180, the Huffy Carnage can handle pretty much anything you or me can throw out it. But a rated downhill mountain bike trail? Phil’s video answers that question. Broken handlebars, brakes and suspension made for an interesting downhill run.

Phil wouldn’t recommend buying it if you are serious about getting into mountain biking. That said, he did call it a ‘pretty cool’ bike for the price range. Just don’t go down any rated trails on it.

Want to see what kind of bike a little extra money gets you? Check out Phil ripping through Manizales, Colombia during a GoPro race.

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