Sony Online Entertainment’s take on the zombie survival genre is about to get a lot more footage. The developers behind H1Z1 are holding a 12 hour livestream of the game today. The stream’s already started. So far, it’s just the developers talking a bit about the game. Soon, they’ll be jumping into the game to show off more of what H1Z1 has to offer.

Comparisons to Day Z were bound to happen when Sony unveiled H1Z1. While they do look similar, H1Z1 offers a bit more with functioning vehicles and the ability to build structures. H1Z1 looks like a Day Z / Rust hybrid. Either way, you can never have too many zombie games.

As far as release dates go, H1Z1 will be utilizing Steam’s Early Access program. The game is expected to be available on Steam in a few weeks for $20. What’s been shown so far looks decent. I’ll definitely be giving it a shot when it pops up on early access.

If you want to watch the stream, head on over to H1Z1’s Twitch page or check out the embed below.

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