Video games and limited eyeglasses? Your mom always did say you’d end up wearing glasses sitting that close to the TV. May as well look stylish doing it.

Warby Parker and Kill Screen are partnering up to release a video game alongside a pair of limited edition glasses. It’s style with a side of style. The frames are based on Parker’s bestselling Burke frame in Glacier. Kill Screen’s logo is embossed in red and includes a special case with the logo deconstructed into minimalist lines. Is it wrong I wish all of Warby Parker’s frames came with a similar case?

The collaboration between the two companies doesn’t stop at limited edition eyeglasses that would make Russell Westbrook jealous. There’s a video game involved. Kill Screen is known for merging the art and culture of games. Its collaboration with Warby Parker will task you with separating like-colored balls in a bowl and clearing them from the desk.

Warby Parker Kill Screen frames

And you don’t need your glasses to notice the product placement of the limited edition frames. And the tilt button. You’ll need it. What looks simplistic often turns into a head pounding, ‘one more try at it’ game. Simplicity is its own gameplay mechanic. Leave the controller at home. Though the companies should VR the game and a showroom for Warby Parker frames.

Both founders offering nothing but praise for the partner company.

“The pairing of Kill Screen with Warby Parker is such a logical, and natural fit,” says Jamin Warren, Kill Screen CEO and Founder. “The spirit of independence and innovation that we admire in games permeates Warby Parker’s approach to the design of glasses, and the Kill Screen limited-edition glasses are a wonderfully tangible representation of that spirit.”

“Kill Screen’s creative spirit aligns closely with our own—we both believe in beautiful design, unexpected moments, and not taking ourselves too seriously. On top of that, we love games, and they love glasses. Working with such a respected voice in the video game industry—and a company that understands the impact of incorporating art and culture into their medium—made our first foray into gaming a special one,” says Neil Blumenthal, Warby Parker co-CEO and co-founder.

For us? We get a free game to demolish productivity. Those in need of a pair of eyeglasses? Well, you have one badass looking pair of specs to grab. Or you can pick from four additional pairs in Warby Parker’s ‘5 Days, 5 Pairs’ program. Plenty of time for me to waffle back and forth on which of the five I like the most.

Warby Parker teams with Kill Screen

And the frames start at $95 including prescription lenses. Probably a bad time to remember I paid over $800 for SALT frames and why I will wear them until they fall apart. Yeah, it’s depressing.

The Kill Screen / Warby Parker collaboration launches today. If you can’t see yourself in Glacier, Warby Parker has plenty of frames to choose from, risk-free.

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