We see it in movies and TV. A rundown service station, repair shop or warehouse converted into a dream house. I’ll admit it. It’s my ‘if I become a millionaire’ house. A converted warehouse loft.

On the NSW coast, architect Richard Smith developed a warehouse conversion into a home that will blow you away.

From the outside, it fuses modern elements of an open-air garage with the old brick facade of the former building. The contrast looks amazing and is just step one of the conversion.

warehouse conversion interior

Step inside and you’ll find a lot of the original character has been maintained. The brick walls are still there, just painted white to match the interior design. Exposed beams are everywhere throughout the home.

The home works as a second home, so you’re not going to find a kitchen that can feed an army. No, simplicity won out, and it has the right mix of modern appliances without going overboard.

warehouse conversion inspiration

Going further back, you’ll find the master bathroom and bedroom. Both rooms drop the pretense of the original building for a modern minimalist touch. A rainfall shower and a modern clawfoot tub complete the look.

warehouse conversion bathroom design

warehouse conversion bedroom design

In the bedroom, the mix of concrete and wood from the bathroom flows into the room that is kept small, but open. No clutter of furniture, and a door to the outside patio.

Each room in the house has access to the private patio outdoors.

No, nothing in the home screams extravagance, and that’s what give the warehouse conversion it’s charm. You don’t see the massive kitchens, eighty bedrooms or a pool that looks like it’s been photoshopped it’s so incredible.

It’s small and gets the job done. Yes, this was done as a second home, but something tells me the owner prefers it over the first.

I’m a sucker for minimalism. Blend in the conversion aspect and I immediately want one just like it.

Check out more of Richard Smith’s work.

Image Credit: Aimee Crouch

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