Warzone 2 third person mode returns

Warzone 2.0 Devs Bring Back Third-Person Mode

That didn’t take long. Third-Person Battle Royale returns in Warzone 2.0 today with the latest playlist update. 


The mode was rotated out when Raven Software pushed its first playlist update for the new Warzone back on December 14th. Only one mode is getting tossed in today’s update and that’s Warzone Cup. Yeah, I doubt there will be any community backlash on that one. I get what the devs were going for with all their World Cup promos, but man – that mode was rough. 

The Mini Royale mode resonates with the community. No big shock there. Plenty in the community preferred Warzone’s smaller, more action-packed maps like Rebirth Island and Fortune’s Keep. The bite-sized versions of Al Masrah are a big hit for folks who like the action fast and the matches short.

Going forward, it looks like the devs are settling on Wednesday for playlist updates. I expect the mainstay modes like Battle Royale (solos through quads) and Mini Royale to keep a permanent spot. We’ve already seen third-person royale get shuffled out once, but it’s interesting to note how quickly it returned. I know there were plenty in the community calling for it to come back. We’ll have to wait and see how long it lasts. 

I’m curious if we’ll see Plunder come to Warzone 2.0 (there is a video floating around showing glitched icons hinting at the mode’s return). Also, what about a mode similar to Iron Trials? That saw player health get a bump which helped ease the fast TTK (time-to-kill). Limited-time modes like this could help the devs test out more significant changes before deciding whether or not to implement them game-wide. 

You can check out the current Warzone 2.0 playlists as each update hits.