It’s a been a trend for years now. Companies rush Super Bowl commercials out to maximize the $5 million price tag for a 30-second spot. Now we can freely refill our beverage of choice while waiting for the incessant commercials to end. Supposedly, there’s a football game in between all of this.

A couple of favorites immediately is the trending Skittles commercial that has been storming up YouTube for over a week. Titled ‘Romance,’ it will generate the most buzz because Skittles has fully embraced its oddness.

Second is Wix. Jason Statham broke his contract by wearing a shirt, and he’s not working on a car. What happens when Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman and Statham’s Transporter character team up? You’ll need more than a website.

Does it foreshadow a new Wonder Woman trailer? You never know.

Tom Brady and Intel teaming up. Sounds absurd until you see him break his notorious diet by eating a pancake off the floor. Better drop a few PSI from the ball come gameday. Not sure what toxins are contained in the three-second rule, but err on the side of caution.

Props to Squarespace on its Super Bowl Spot. We all love John Malkovich. How do you make him better? Show him someone is domain squatting on his name. WTF is going on? Well, someone likes to deep sea fish.


GoDaddy has decidedly become un-GoDaddy in recent years. Gone are the scantily clad models in favor of convincing you to register a domain for your next viral hit – a sneezing panda, you torturing your cat by putting it on a Roomba or some random guy wearing a horse head mask.

It’s the tamer internet we used to know.


Watch 2017 Super Bowl Commercials

You’ll recognize Lil’ Buck in the Lexus LC 500 commercial. He’s dancing around with Apple AirPods and now has upgraded to a supercar. Don’t expect any lease deals on this machine. If we have to ask about the price, we can’t afford it.

TurboTax hits a little too close to home with its 45-second spot of Humpty Dumpty falling off a wall doing his taxes. Why? Because you can. The fall? No refund.


Hey, Brett Favre upgrading from Lee and Tommy Copper to Buffalo Wild Wings. The commercial is weird, but it’s chicken wings. Not sure we need it spelled out for us. Please, stay retired.


KIA is being generous with a tease for its Third Quarter NIRO spot featuring Melissa McCarthy. Expect the typical internet trolls, but it looks like a fun time.

And finally, Snickers. A commercial for a commercial. It will be the first live commercial shot for the Super Bowl and will include Adam Driver. Another big name with a blockbuster movie waiting slated for 2017. Star Wars VIII trailer, anyone? Rumor has it landing in Spring but come on Disney/Lucasfilm. Show us some love.


Those are the commercials out so far. It’s early in the week, so expect adverts which didn’t make the ‘cut’ to appear on news channels everywhere suddenly. And for the rest of the companies to maximize the $5 million-plus ad spend.

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