Watches have always been meant to be an extension of you. Sure, a lot of us have the permanent smartphone neck, but a nice watch? Always a conversation starter.

In the watch world, there are tiers of watches. Everything from your latest ‘has everything’ fitness tracker to the blinged out; they bought that because you have too much money and zero taste, tier.

Where’s our happy middle? It exists, and those that want understated luxury watches without the sticker shock can look to a new Kickstarter campaign from Filippo Loreti. In case the name didn’t give it away, you’re looking at an Italian watchmaker.

How? Cutting out the middleman. Most of the markup comes in the second it leaves the manufacturing plant. The company has partnered with leading watch manufacturers to slash the prices of the $1000+ timepieces.

Ok, I’m interested. I love my Timex because I can drop it and not have a heart attack. But, nothing says you can’t collect watches. Have one to fit your day.

Filippo Loreti Watch Details

The devil is in the details when it comes to watches. Each piece is made from a composite stainless steel polymer, offering durability and shedding weight. A watch shouldn’t feel like you decided to invest in wrist weights for your new exercise resolution.

The straps? Italian leather. Filippo has contracts in place with Italian tanneries to supply the leather. Local artisans help handcraft each strap.

Next? A true defining quality of a luxury timepiece. Scarcity. No matter which style you choose, there will be 500 made. Each will be numbered. For a Kickstarter campaign, that’s confidence in your product.

Here are the full specs for each line:

Watch case: composite metal-polymer, stainless steel
Water resistant: 5 ATM, 50 meters
Glass: Sapphire coated crystal with anti-scratch surface finish
Strap size: 20 mm, best fit for 14 – 23 cm wrist
Date function: 3, 4 o’clock
Watch size (diameter / thickness):
Venice – 40 / 9 mm;
Florence – 40 / 9 mm;
Bosa – 38 / 9 mm;
Como – 40 / 10 mm.
Weight (with strap): 45 – 67g
Movement: Japan semi-mechanical Quartz: Bosa PC22; Venice VX3F; Como VD51; Florence PC32.
Strap: genuine Italian leather, handcrafted.
Available strap colours: brown mahogany, black nappa, dark olive, burgundy nappa, deep ocean blue nappa, vintage brown
Buckle: stainless steel pin buckle
Warranty: 10 years limited warranty against manufacturing defects

Watch Collections

Four collections are being launched through Kickstarter campaign – each having three styles. Your preference will be as subjective as mine. My favorites? The Venice Silver and the Como Black.

[divider]Venice Silver[/divider]

Venice Silver from Filippo Loreti on Vimeo.

I’m a sucker for simplicity. The Venice Silver just strikes me as the right balance of style and not going overboard. And the day/night indicator adds just enough character without becoming overbearing.

Filippo Loreti Venice Silver watch

[divider]Como Black[/divider]

Unfortunately, there isn’t a video, but the Como Silver shows off the casing.

Como Silver from Filippo Loreti on Vimeo.

Here’s how it will look with a black leather strap.

Como Black style from the Como collection

For me, I don’t like loud watches. Keep it simple and stylish. Other people like diamonds everywhere or enough gold to make Ft. Knox blush.

There are plenty of other styles available as seen on the company’s campaign.

Filippo Loreti Kickstarter

Limited edition luxury watches. Those four words normally mean goodbye checking account. For the Kickstarter campaign, the price starts at around $128. The campaign is priced in Euros, which can fluctuate a few pennies in either direction.

Shipping? February. The campaign ends December 17, and the company timeline has the watches hitting your mailbox in February. Not bad on the turnaround. Filippo has already beta tested the watches in the wild, and the response has been great from reviewers.

I’m going to see if I can get my hands on one and get a hands-on review soon.

The company even thought of the packaging. Italians, what can you say? Everything has to be slickly presented.

Funding goals for the project was set at just under $27,000 (again, the campaign is in Euros) and that was blitzed in just days. It is currently closing in on $100,000 with 22 days left.

If you are looking for a Christmas gift, the company does offer a gift certificate option. A digital code? Hell no. Even the card looks incredible. The custom wax seal on black cardstock. It can be delivered before Christmas for those needing something under the tree.

Filippo Loreti Packaging

A lot of moving parts to the campaign, but the company has hit its goal with ease. February is right around the corner, and I hope the four collections are the start of what Filippo Loreti offers. Check out the campaign page to learn more.

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