A Snapshot of Time for Watch Collectors

Timepiece Prints from Nine37 Watch Collectors

You won’t have to glance at your watch to show off your collection. Nine37, a design shop, is taking iconic timepieces and turning them into gorgeous prints. Fan of the Rolex Submariner? There’s a print for that.

For now, the selection is limited to the classic watches collectors will instantly recognize. All on 18×24 premium luster photo paper. Each print is understated but instantly eye-catching. My favorites are the black and white designs depicting Rolexes and the Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch.

Rolex print from Nine37

Options on the prints include having the design in black, blue or white. The black has a certain pop about it, but art is at its core, personal. We each have our tastes.

Nine37 watch collector posters

Priced at $40 each, the prints are a steal for watch fans looking to decorate their homes. You’d have to pull one of those crazy yard sale stories to grab a watch on Nine37’s list of prints for $40.

If you find that yard sale, my contact information is on the menu.

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