Earlier this week, Bungie design lead Lars Bakken revealed two new Crucible multiplayer modes. On August 22, at 10 am PDT / 1 pm EDT, we will get our first look at one of these multiplayer modes in action. Pro gamer Mike ‘Flamesword’ Chaves will face off against other Destiny community members in the mode Rift.

Rift is a new objective-style mode

Destiny fans have been clamoring for a new objective-style mode. Rift is Bungie’s answer.

In a recent interview with Game Informer, Bakken talks about how Bungie didn’t want to just do your average Capture the Flag (CTF) mode. They wanted to bring a new objective mode with The Taken King but make sure it has a Destiny flavor.

Rift is described as closer to Neutral Bomb Assault than CTF.

Destiny Crucible

Here’re the basics of Rift. There’s one objective in the middle of the map, in Rift’s case it’s called the Spark. Only one team can hold the Spark at a time, and your goal is to get to the other team’s half of the map and score.

Now, there’s a lot more nuance to the mode. Bungie wants players to feel like they achieve something even if they don’t score. Rift will dole out points for partial progress.

Another area Bungie wanted to address is players who grab the Spark and head back to their base to hide in corners. “Shot clock” is Bungie’s solution. As soon as you pick up the Spark, you have one minute and 15 seconds to score or you explode and kill yourself.

It sounds like a great way to keep Rift matches moving and the action intense.

Bakken also touched on the second multiplayer mode called Mayhem. Imagine your favorite moments of Crucible, but all the time. Melee, grenades and your Super ability recharge “very fast.” Check out the rest of the Game Informer interview to see glimpses of both modes in action.

Saturday’s livestream will be hosted on Red Bull’s Twitch channel. Bungie’s David “Deej” Dague and designer Lars Bakken will host the event. Other Destiny community members including Holtzmann, nKuch, Datto, Mtashed, KJHovey, Clout, FizZor and tripleWRECK will join Flamesword as they take Rift for a spin.

What do you think about Rift from the bits of info we have so far? I like the Shot Clock feature. It keeps the action frantic and should help prevent the camping that can plague objective based modes.

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