The march to E3 2016 continues today. You saw the epic trailer of Horizon Zero Dawn. Now enjoy an announcement of an announcement from Ubisoft. Watch Dogs 2 is official (but we’ve known about for a while). Here’s the teaser.

Yeah, messing with code is a bit more complicated than a few taps. This isn’t Flappy Bird.

So, Watch Dogs 2 is a thing. The first one was ok. It had moments of brilliance. And I enjoyed Online Hacking. But the whole game just didn’t grab me.

The biggest problem was Watch Dogs felt like every other Ubisoft open-world game. There were variations of towers from Assassin’s Creed and your usual set of open-world busy work. The Witcher 3 has spoiled us, and every open-world game going forward is going to have one hell of a bar to pass.

Watch Dogs towers

Hey Ubisoft, no towers please.

Watch Dogs does have one thing going in its favor. Concept. The idea of dynamically changing the city sounds awesome on paper. And for the most part, it was executed well in the first Watch Dogs. Hacking street lights, bridges, manhole covers and more worked great.

Ubisoft needs to take this concept and run with it in Watch Dogs 2. The entire open-world should be designed around it. Side missions need to take full advantage of it. Plus, hacking lends itself perfectly to intricate puzzles.

Watch Dogs 2 doesn’t need to turn into an everyday shooter. Hacking allows for so much more than that. If Ubisoft wants it to stand out against GTA and the like, it needs to focus on what makes Watch Dogs – Watch Dogs.

Many of us are hoping for an Assassin’s Creed 1 to 2 improvement. I’m optimistic. Ubisoft isn’t stupid. They didn’t launch all of their successful franchises by not knowing what they need to do. And their decision to let Assassin’s Creed rest for a year shows they know the current formula is stale. My only concern is, did they realize this before or after Watch Dogs 2 was finished?

We’ll have our first idea on Wednesday when Ubisoft reveals the game at 12 pm ET. I’m expecting a trailer with a full gameplay reveal at their E3 conference.

What improvements do you want to see in Watch Dogs 2? An emphasis on co-op (including campaign) would be nice.

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