I ain’t saying he’s a bad actor, but Jamie Foxx and the National Anthem? Maybe not the best idea. Then again, was paying $100 to watch Mayweather hug it out with Pacquiao the best investment?

Jamie Foxx gave everyone something to talk about when he did the pre-fight rendition of the National Anthem. Personally, he should have done it in character as Ray Charles. It would have made the $100 worth it.

Were there other options in the crowd? Sure, Mariah Carey and Beyonce were there. Does the MGM Grand have a vocal track setup for boxing matches? Probably not.

Instead, we were treated to Foxx giving what we are assuming is a ‘soulful’ rendition of ‘The Star Bangled Banner.’

jamie foxx national anthem

Social media was quick to put the hammer down on Foxx’s performance:




Let’s just be happy we were entertained for a couple of minutes. But, from now on? Let’s stick to actual singers for the National Anthem.


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