Video-game livestreaming has blown up in recent months. What started out as a mainly PC-oriented site has shifted to consoles thanks to Twitch integration with the Xbox One and PS4. Has this shift to consoles translated into the top 20 games on Twitch for May? Not really. Check out the top 20 games below.

Twitch May 2014

As you can see the top three hasn’t changed. MOBA’s along with Hearthstone ruled May. A quick note. Twitch sorted the list by overall number of minutes watched per game.

The list is definitely PC-centric. Minecraft, Dark Souls 2, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty: Ghosts and FIFA 14 are also available on consoles, but only Call of Duty: Ghosts saw a heavy console presence.

The lack of Titanfall is telling. Twitch integration hit the Xbox One shortly before Titanfall’s release. The last numbers I can find on Twitch’s blog is Titanfall at #11 back in February. (Leave a comment if you can find March and April. Maybe I’m just blind.)

That was pre-release so attention for Titanfall was at its peak. Looks like Xbox One owners don’t feel like streaming or have moved on from Titanfall.

Watch Dogs and Wildstar pierced the top 20 right after their releases. ArcheAge and Magic: The Gathering also managed to jump into the top 20 after being outside the top 20 the previous month.

What are you watching on Twitch? Let us know in the comments below. I’m partial to fighting tournaments even though I don’t play the genre.


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